Sienna Miller is Apparently The Most Important Person Ever

I don’t see an Oscar sticking out of this woman’s ass, so what gives? Who is she? The New York Post reports that Sienna made gift suites at Sundance close down a half-hour early so she could peruse free shit. Oh, and pulled my favorite celebrity move of insisting no one speak to her.

SUITE hosts at Sundance were put off by the demands that were made in preparation for Sienna Miller’s arrival. Sources said the publicist for her film “Interview” called ahead to the Kara Feinstein Lounge and demanded it be shut 30 minutes early for Miller. Vendors there were also told to “minimize the number of employees present and to not harass Sienna.” One spy spotted a woman claiming to be Sienna’s assistant walking around with a bag and saying, “I’m collecting for Sienna. Please place your products in the bag.” Miller’s rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, tells us, “Sienna was unaware of these demands and does not have an assistant.”

Isn’t this Zelnick biddy Lohan’s mouthpiece as well? God, she must have the Samaritans on speed dial. If I had to deal with TWO of these narcissistic pieces of shit on a daily basic, I’d play Russian roulette and buck the odds with every chamber loaded. Not to harass Sienna? Excuse me? Didn’t you get dumped for a wet nurse? I hope “Shittsburgh” forms a militia and kills her.