Sienna Miller Gets Into Her Work

She’s really into dating her co-stars. Well, anything’s better than tapping Diddy behind the curtains in the VIP area. Sienna is allegedly deeply in love with actor Matthew Rhys. They’re in a movie called “The Edge of Love” (what a horrible title), and now they’re inseparable. Does this guy know what he’s in for? Jeesh, open a magazine.

According to, the two have been “secretly dating for awhile. He is really into her but they have both been trying to keep it very quiet, only telling close friends.”

Which means Sienna doesn’t want other available penis to think she’s committed or anything. Either that or Matt doesn’t want his friends know that he’s with a slag. All this cloak and dagger dating bullshit is going to hurt their chances of….oh who am I kidding, two weeks tops before she’s wondering what the camera guy’s packing.

Sienna and Her Sister Continue Their Shopping After the Jump