Sienna Miller Does NOT Have Extreme Dedication to Her Craft


Factory Girl is grossed out by yesterday’s reports that she did Hayden Christiensen for real while filming sex scenes for this movie that had goddamn better be good and worth all this typing. When approached by a reporter about it (in front of her parents, heh), she wasn’t too thrilled.

“Oh, darling, that is so horrible,” Miller replied. “You obviously don’t know anything about making movies.”

Miller’s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, told Page Six: “It’s not true at all. When you do a love scene, there are five or six people on the set at a minimum. They weren’t having real sex. She’s just a great actress.”

I’ll be the judge of that. Bitches (including our beloved A Socialite’s Life readers) are speculating that the movie studio might have leaked that shit to sell some tickets. But a spokesbitch for the Weinstein Company denied the “ridicuous report”.

From what I’ve heard, the movie might be on the suck side and the only reason to go to it is to see Hayden putting his back into it. So now they’ve pretty much guaranteed a Video On Demand, Free Movies! viewing. Fools.

More photos of Sienna Miiller outside David Letterman’s studio after the jump.