Sienna Miller Does More Partying with Puff Daddy

Sienna Miller has claimed that she is, in fact, in love with a man, whose identity she refuses to reveal publicly just yet. However, she is adamant about who it isn’t–namely, her good buddy, Puff Daddy. The two are sticking to their policy of “we’re just friends” when it comes to dealing with he media about their relationship, but were spotted again recently, enjoying each other’s company at the DC10 club in Ibiza, Spain. Sienna attempted to leave the club without drawing attention from the paparazzi, but didn’t get the memo that flying under the radar usually means leaving the knee-high gold boots at home. After the two left the club separately, they attempted to keep the party going by heading up to Sienna’s villa in the mountains of the Mediterranean island, just outside of San Antonio. I’m don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’m sure they just really like to get together, have some friendly drinks and play some parcheesi now and then.