Sienna Miller Claims She’s Gonna Re-Gift Her Sundance Swag

So, the LA Times has a great piece about Sienna Miller and her feeble attempts to justify her gluttony. Bitch, just do what I do. Take the shit and run. And you wouldn’t BELIEVE the shit these hoes get just for being pretty.

“And it makes you feel guilty. I did get given some stuff that I didn’t ask for necessarily… then I found out that you can actually give it to this company that auctions it on EBay and gives the money for charity.”

So here, according to staffers at the various swag suites, are the things that may be popping up on the online auction site, courtesy of Ms. Miller: From the Fred Segal boutique, $300 in Le Mystère Lingerie panties, which they said Miller took after telling them she’d forgotten to pack her “knickers”; $200 boots by Earth shoes; a $400 Portolano brown cashmere shawl; and a $450 Linea Pelle handbag. From the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge, a $1,200 Melrose Mac laptop, which staffers said Miller was “very excited” to take. From the Jessica Meisels Marquee Lounge, $8,000 of Lia Sophia jewelry, an $800 Botkier bag and $900 in Dermalogica skin care products, which she was delighted to receive, according to those present, because she’s been traveling for a month and has run out of “everything.”

I’m sure she’s gonna have her assistant run right out and start donating. Puh-lease.