Sienna Miller And Jude Law Move Back In And Towards Marriage

Sienna Miller and Jude Law, both wearing oxfords while having lunch at Pastis yesterday (May 4), rekindled their relationship while each was performing on Broadway. What started as sex with an ex has quickly moved into couplehood, picking up where they left off back in 2006. They made their public debut at the 2010 Met Costume Institute Gala on Monday and Sienna moved back into the house they previously shared in West London. She has even been spotted wearing the engagement ring he gave her on her right hand and just for “fun”, but friends say the two are definitely headed towards back towards marriage.

Going back to the way things were when your fiance cheated on you sounds like some bad juju, so Sienna is having the whole home redone. First comes redecorating, then comes marriage. A source says just the lighting alone costs a fortune and that “Jude has slightly moaned that he is going to be living in a top hotel, rather than a home and is more a fan of shabby chic – but Sienna is taking the reigns on this one.”

Because that’s how it works. If you slept with your children’s nanny, she gets to choose the color scheme. Don’t like the pillows? Oh really? Hmmm…oh by the way how were the nanny’s pillows?