Sienna Miller And Jude Law Hit The Rocks

Again. Good Lord, this is getting so old. Jude looks as if he’s about to puke in the photo above. Maybe he’s thinking of having to have sex with Sienna again.

It seems recent talks over their future didn’t go well and Jude reportedly flew home early from the US, where Sienna is filming Factory Girl.

The Mirror quotes a source as saying: “Jude decided he didn’t want to spend more time arguing and hanging around waiting for Sienna to finish filming. He’d much rather spend time with his kids.

“Sienna is also pretty fed up with Jude’s possessiveness. They both realise it isn’t really working at the moment because of mutual distrust.”

It isn’t working at the moment? It really has never worked. Just leave each other for good, and move on.

Bad start to year for Jude and Sienna [IOL]