Sienna Miller Has A Complaint

Then don’t be a celebrity! Simple as that. Date someone other than movie stars and merely audition, show up and film, and don’t do shitty things like tell the press that Pittsburgh sucks and cause scenes at clubs when you don’t get in despite being “Sienna Miller” and don’t f*ck Diddy behind his then chick’s back. Sienna’s shilling her new flick “Interview” at the London Film Festival and she complained about the paparazzi.

The film centres on the intense relationship between a reporter (Buscemi) and a soap star (Miller) so we asked the stars about the media’s obsession with celebrities in real life: “I’m not a big fan of it to be honest. I just think it’s reached a point where it’s not healthy anymore but I don’t think it’s going to change” Sienna told MTV News.

She continued: “Certain aspects obviously I understand but running down the street with ten men chasing you isn’t very fun. I don’t find it easy. I mean I’m a girl on my own sometimes walking my dogs and have to run home with grown men chasing me. If you take away the cameras then that’s not legal but if they have that then suddenly that’s ok, so I just think the psychology is a bit weird”

So wear sneakers instead of hooker pumps when you walk the dog. They need to start chasing her with guns instead of cameras. Steve Buscemi was also asked about our cultural obsession with celebrity and he replied “you’d have to ask yourself …. why are you so obsessed?……. Ratings??”. Thanks for the straight answer, Steve-O. The answer is, we have all empty lives. Seriously, a new flavor of Doritos is a red letter day for my ass. Did you expect me to lie? I do this because being a bitch with a keyboard is all I’m good at, really. I and my ilk live through you overprivileged few. Sorry it’s annoying. But it’s ok when we pay for a ticket to see your damn movie, right? Shut up, you dolts!

Photos: WENN