Sienna Is Possessed By The Devil

We knew it. Such a she-devil. It looks like her horns, or her horny, as come out. All the hubub is about her rumored to have hooked up with Hayden Christensen. Once again – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Despite earlier reports stating that the reason for the latest Law/Miller break up was Jude’s relationship with ex-wife Sadie Frost, it now seems that Miller was more to blame. The word on the street is that argumentative couple split because of Miller’s behaviour toward her co-star on Factory Girl, the hunky Hayden Christensen.

According to E!‘s Ted Casablanca, Ms Miller, 24, moved on to her co-star Christensen, also 24, despite suggestions that he is allegedly gay. A source close to E! reportedly said: “[Sienna] dumped Jude the second Hayden came around. Gave him his walking papers! “It was so cold…It’s all about opportunity. She’s just moving on to who’s going to give her more publicity. Jude can’t do that anymore.”

More photos of Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen after the jump.

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