Sienna And Jude Playing With Each Other’s Private Parts Again

Looks like Sienna Miller and Jude Law are at it again, or just having super platonic sleepovers (in separate beds of course). But I’m gonna go ahead and guess that these two horn-balls, who are both in New York City starring in their respective Broadway productions, are homesick for a familiar booty-call and decided to cut their losses and get it on with each other again.

So even though once upon a time Jude cheated on Sienna with his kids’ nanny, as long as enough time goes by, all seems to be forgiven. Sienna herself was recently involved with a married man, Balthazar Getty, who has since returned to his wife with whom he has four children.

My theory is she realized what a big hypocrite she was and threw caution to the wind. Basically, Sienna saw a picture of Jude again and realized they were in the same city where dreams come true (New York City, that is), and like any whacked-out 20 something year old girl, called him back when she shouldn’t have.

I give this hook up a couple months. Three at most.  

Gallery Info: Jude Law leaves his New York City, New York apartment on December 2, 2009, followed 20 minutes later by Sienna Miller.