Sienna Miller And Ryan Reynolds Get Into Character For Their New Movie

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless
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While both are celebrities we couldn’t possibly miss, Sienna Miller and Ryan Reynolds both sported different looks than usual while being on set.

On the set of their new movie Mississippi Grind, Sienna Miller and Ryan Reynolds are seen spending a lot of time together, and neither of them looks exactly like themselves. Ryan is scruffy and exhausted, a far cry from his usually put together self. The hustle and bustle of New Orleans and movie set life must be getting to him. Or maybe he just misses his sweetheart Blake Lively

Sienna is also sporting a completely new look for the movie, but a much classier one. She dyed her hair red for the part, and I have to say she’s rocking it. She was seen sporting a tan coat with black leggings and boots, which made her new hair pop even more.

The normally blonde star has proved she can work pretty much any look. Lucky girl. If she’s tired or missing her adorable family, she’s certainly not showing it, though I have no idea how. Marlowe is literally the cutest baby ever. Get her on set so we can see more pictures of her!

The movie is about a pair of down on their luck poker players who travel to the deep south to try and get back everything they’ve lost. Ryan plays the younger, charismatic member of the pair. Of course. So there’s basically no acting involved with that.