“Sicko” Clips Pulled Offline

June 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Clips from director Michael Moore’s latest film, “Sicko,” a documentary that takes a look at the health care industry in the United States, were pulled from YouTube by Lionsgate. The clips had been leaked online, and it’s been suspected that none other than the film’s director, had a hand in making the clip accessible tot he public online as a marketing stunt to create buzz for the film before it opens. I’ll probably go see it eventually, but I gotta be honest, something about Michael Moore looking at me like that in the poster for the movie, as he snaps on his latex gloves just doesn’t sit right with me.


More photos from the premiere of “Sicko” after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. little geezer

    Is that Kathleen Turner ??? Is she having a sex change ?

  2. Zekers

    No little geezer, that is what a lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse does to a person…sad isn’t it? She used to be a very pretty woman.

  3. LoRider

    Michael Moore is a big fat tub of shi+. His mockumentaries are geared to do just one thing – make money and complain about whatever republican president sitting in office. Wait, that’s two things. Still, did this fat piece of shi+ even exist during the Clinton years? When is he scheduled to die via massive MI? Of course he leaked the video clips, and he probably paid off whatever govt office was “investigating” him for going to Cuba so they’d go public with the info. And if the American medical situation is much worse than Cubas, why’d Fidel leave Cuba to get his treatment? F*ck you, Michael Moore! You are a fat piece of Shi+ and you shall die a fat piece of shi+, and the sooner the better. Sincerely, LoRider.


    Ride Lo

  4. ifyousayso

    does anyone really care what michael moore has to say about…anything? he is about as unbiased as fox news…

  5. little geezer

    why doesn’t Michael Moore do a documentary style film on obesity another problem in America ?

  6. T-Bone

    LoRider – I agree wholeheartedly (minus the hostility and anger ;)

    little geezer — I was thinking the SAME thing! It seems that while Michael Moore disparages this country, he eats, drinks and takes full advantage of the freedom it offers, including free press and freedom of speech. I’m all for questioning authority, but this guy is a big fat hypocrite.

  7. Zekers

    …he doesn’t do a documentary on obesity in the U.S. because then he would have to face himself!

    I had respect for Moore when he did his expose` on GM-”Roger and Me” he was real back then in ’89 but after that he just got ridiculously full of himself.

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