Sh*t Is Going Down Between Gabriel Aubry And Olivier Martinez! Halle Berry Watches From The Sidelines [PHOTOS]

November 27th, 2012 // 3 Comments

It’s a shame how things can get so ugly so fast, sometimes. And with such pretty people, too. Lately, Halle Berry has been up to her cat-ears in baby-daddy drama. Long story short, she had a daughter with one hot guy, they broke up and she began dating another hot guy, conflict ensued.

To be a little more specific, Berry and her current boyfriend, Olivier Martinez have been fighting (metaphorically, verbally,) with the father of Berry’s daughter, Canadian model, Gabriel Aubry over custody of the 4 year old. And more recently, Aubry and Martinez also fought (physically) at the home of Berry, resulting in the arrest of Aubry and a hospital visit for Martinez. Repercussions of the incident are still unfolding!

It seems that Berry wanted to be granted full custody of her daughter so she could move with Martinez to his native country of France. The request was denied by a judge, who maintained the ruling of joint custody of their daughter not 2 weeks before the incident between the 2 men. It is assumed that the fight was a result of the court ruling.

The aftermath of the altercation is…confusing, to say the least. Of course, both men claimed that it was the other who started the fight, but, as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. After the model was freed from jail, his lawyer released photos showing the brutal injuries that Aubry sustained all over his face. On the other hand (pun intended,) Martinez was recently spotted, looking as unbruised and handsome as ever, leaving a medical center in Los Angeles after he got his slightly battered hand checked out, reports suggest. It’s plain to see who took the beating, between the 2 fighters.

Aubry has his American work visa, the custody of his daughter, and his own health (and face) to worry about, which were all put in danger by Martinez, so the model acquired a restraining order against him. Martinez and Berry insist that the whole brawl is the fault of Aubry, so they responded by returning Aubry with an emergency protective order; basically a less official restraining order.

Aubry is due in court in December in regards to his work visa, and his ongoing conflict with Berry and Martinez. No word yet on how Berry and Martinez are responding to the latest developments in this saga. I guess we’ll have to wait until the results of the court come through to truly make informed guesses on the whole situation!

Who do you think is to blame in this bloody affair? Let us know in comments!

Oh, and check out the gallery to see Gabriel Aubry, pre-Thanksgiving fight.

By Marcelle Luna

  1. It’s Halle’s and Martinez’s way to try to keep Aubry from his daughter so they get their way and move to france…Aubry is a model, not a fighter as evidenced by his brutal beating at the hands of martinez…pretty sure this was done as a ploy for the courts against Aubry.

    • Cuppycake2000

      karen, I understand what you are saying but I have worked in the court systems for a long time and I can tell you that the courts are going to look at this and the person that they are going to blame first and foremost is going to be Ms. Berry for allowing it to go that far, second they are going to nail, this Oliver person for trying to be involved as he has NOTHING to do with this child. Third they will come down on the childs father for not walking away as the child was there and saw all of this…This whole situation will do nothing but HURT Ms. Berry’s chances of EVER being able to take her child out of the country with the man who beat on her childs father…not a very smart move on her part…and Fans are going to be up in arms with all these children being harmed here lately by boyfriends of all these momma’s…This guy may not have harmed this child but it still smacks of how all these other men in the news behaved right before they killed these little ones…she is just (Ms. Berry) not behaving in a very smart way.

  2. Cuppycake2000

    Why is Oliver even involved. In the court systems he is considered a “stranger to the case”, which means he does not matter at all or his opinion has no merit with the court systems. He can actually cause more harm than good for Ms. Berry so he should just stay out of it and be the shoulder she needs to lean on. If he does not the court systems could decide that he is harmful to the relationship between the child and the father and forbid him to be around the child. I doubt that this is what Ms. Berry wants so she needs to wise up..AND why would she want to take this CHILD away from her daddy anyhow..HOW MEAN..THIS IS ALL ABOUT WHAT THE ADULT WANTS AND NOT WHAT IS BEST FOR THE CHILD… AGAIN!!! Someone needs to start saying to these people (and I am NOT just talking about people in Hollywood) that it is NOT about what is best for you but what is best for your kids..if you cannot put your kids first DONT have any!!!

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