‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Takes Over The World. You’re So Jealous Right Now. [VIDEO]

Sh*t Jack's Mom Says
Colleen Donaghy's best lines on '30 Rock.'
OMFG, does Sh*t Girls Say speak to me.  Comedians Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard released a fourth episode of their popular YouTube series, which currently has more than 30 million views.  Today, Humphrey and Sheppard debuted their first book celebrating the phenomenon.

I invited the gals on next week’s episode of The Duchess Diary to goss about Kate Middleton and her hair.  Maybe we’ll talk about which prince is cuter and what’s wrong with Mike Tindall’s nose, I don’t know.  I ate a burger and I’m so tired right now.

What is your favorite line from Sh*t Girls Say?