Showtime Says No to Katie Holmes’ ‘The Kennedys’

Katie Holmes’ eight-part-miniseries The Kennedys is quickly becoming the battered shoe no one wants. Showtime has decided not to purchase the show, which is being shopped around after The History Channel dropped the series due to drama and inaccuracy.

She’s been visibly disappointed over the cancellation of her mini-series  and recently consoled herself with chocolates from K Chocolatier, a favorite of the former First Lady, in Beverly Hills with a friend Monday, Jan. 10.

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An exec told The New York Times that “there has been interest expressed by several networks,” but Entertainment Weekly tallied up the possibilities and eliminated HBO and Starz from the running.

No one wants to say it out loud, so I will. Whenever Holmes is attached the project, it will undoubtedly flop! Forewarning Ann Taylor, you should have stuck with Heidi Klum.