Show Me Your Meat: Lady Gaga’s Beef Curtains

Dear Lady Gaga,

Your recent cover for Vogue Hommes Japan is certainly red-hot, but that’s mostly because what you are wearing is bleeding still. I know you’re are all about provocative imagery and pushing boundaries through your ‘art,’ but really…you’re just wearing the contents of my local deli a tad to close to your vixen toilet parts for me to be comfortable with it.

I’m not sure whether PETA is going to endorse this or brandish you a heretic. Either way, it’ll sell papers and records I’m sure.

Having done this, what’s next Gaga? At what point do you actually start putting clothes back on and showing off your fashion? And what happened to those rumored shots of you dressed as a guy for this issue of the magazine?

You’re overexposed and in every sense of the word.

No longer wants to play a love game,