Short Pseudo-Hottie Leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

January 29th, 2007 // 16 Comments

MSNBC is reporting that T.R. Knight might be blowing that pop stand due to all the “faggot” fuss. Yeah, I said it. Put me in rehab! I seriously want to know what anti-homophobe rehab is like. Do they just show “Philadelphia” and “Another Gay Movie” over and over and hope for the best?

The actor was the subject of a widely-publicized homophobic slur by a cast mate and he “is so upset about the situation and so disgusted by how it was all handled,” that he’s planning to leave the show, says a source.

“He was told not to say anything about the whole incident,” says the insider, referring to an on-set dust up in October when fellow cast member Isaiah Washington referred to Knight, who plays Dr. George O’Malley, with a derogatory word used to describe gay men.

His publicist later said it was untrue. What this bitch needs to do is hang in there. He came across as totally downtrodden puppy dog guy on Ellen and seriously caused some twitching down there for me. Everyone likes a wronged bitch who’s soft-spoken about it. We know he just wants to explore his craft and be left alone with his taller boyfriend and tousled hair. Just don’t make any more dramarama about it and we’ll all be fine. But DEFINITELY bring it up during contract negotiations.

By J. Harvey

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    He should leave the biggest payday he’ll ever have. I mean in 5 years nobody is going to remember any of these people anyway – I hope both he and Isaac go away. This whole thing is like watching 3 years old argue and name call. He’s over playing the Camile dreadfully.

  2. mike

    Shouldn’t it be “sub-hottie”?

  3. Kathie

    There aren’t many roles for short chubby men let alone romantic leads for short chubby gay men. If he leaves the show he will fade into oblivion and will be a Trivia question in some game…who was the character in Greys Anatomy who left because his feelings got hurt and now works in a Pizza Hut? Puleeeesssee he will face a lot worse then “faggot” in his life and what was a private conversation was leaked to the press. These actors are being their own worse enemies. Katherine Heigal can go back doing Hallmark Movies if the show ends.

  4. Mike

    ‘…feelings got hurt’

    please, faggot is a hateful word and hate doesn’t need to be silently reinforced. many of my friends are dead due to words like ‘faggot’.

  5. Jason A

    If someone called Isiah Washington a “NIGGER”…that person would have been fired on the spot.

  6. ishouldbedoingsomethingbetterwithmylife

    #6: As a straight, black female, I agree with you.

    But I’ve taken the most offence by #3′s comments. How do you know T.R. Knight will face more abuse than just ‘faggot’? Maybe if he lived in your neighbourhood he might, but there are many Western and industrialised countries that’ve basically forgotten what the word means, and T. R. could legally get a civil union, if not full marriage.

    Unless you’re a casting director or any kind of director (i.e. assistant-under-deputy), who are you to say someone won’t get offered a job? Daniel Craig isn’t the best looking James Bond, but plenty of people think he’s been the best since Sean Connery, if not ever!

    You don’t know that T.R. Knight will fade into oblivion after he leaves this show. Maybe he’ll go to Broadway or London or somewhere else and act in plays once he’s finished. Maybe he’ll want to take time off when he starts a family (I’m talking adoption or surrogacy). Maybe he’ll pen an autobiography, or be paid to go travelling at a TV station’s/ executive company’s expense, with the angle that it’s a travelogue from a ‘gay man’s’ point of view.

    #4: I’m a black woman, and I think Isaiah Washington could be that stupid. Easily.

    #6: Spot on. I agree. ‘Faggot’, ‘dyke’, ‘coon’, ‘wog’, ‘Kraut’, ‘Spic’, ‘Jew-lover’, ‘working-class idiot’, ‘upper-class toff’, ‘Slanty-eyes’, etc., etc. are just as offensive as the ‘n’ word to me. I’m not old enough to have to remember having to go to a blacks-only toilet or water drinking fountain… but that sort of abuse and distinction-making really happens and we still need to educate (I don’t think education alone will do it… life experience and/ or cognitive/behavioural practice help people move on in their views…) people.

    Back to #3: If T.K. gets a lot of abuse in his life, it’s only because people like you think he’s a ‘sinner’, there’s something ‘deviant’ about him, and, since you feel the way you do, but you’re ‘polite’ about it, you assume other people must feel more strongly than you and will dare to shout or say what you’ve been thinking. Some of us refuse to discriminate against other people, and, even from an academic rather than religious point, I can’t believe that Jesus was a small-minded bigot. I thought Jesus accepted everybody. And if he doesn’t, why should I bother following his so-called tolerant, forgiving beliefs?

    Who the hell is anyone to say what T.R.’s future career will be like? He might work in an independent film, smaller part in a blockbuster film, present a TV show, participate in a reality TV show, go abroad where people will treat him more kindly?

    Fair enough if you think T.K. and his TV programme will one day fade into obscurity. That happens. But:

    ‘If he leaves the show he will fade into oblivion and will be a Trivia question in some game…who was the character in Greys Anatomy who left because his feelings got hurt and now works in a Pizza Hut?’

    Other than repeating the five words ‘because his feelings got hurt’ (who’d stick around if they were called ‘n*%?$”‘, Mongoloid, terrorist, illegal Spic’, or whatever else?), I’m not even going to dignify that last statement with a reply.

  7. Rebecca

    Good point, Jason. But enough already. They all need to stop whining and be thankful for their hit show.

  8. Tonysgirl

    #7 you go girl!!!!

  9. KittyLiterati

    This whole Grey’s Anatomy situation is being oversensationalized. The introduction of this situation was mostly intended to bring the tabloids cash by capitalizing on people’s sense of tolerance, but keeping this sore open is just exacerbating any positivity that could’ve come from it.

    It’s obvious that Isaiah Washington shouldn’t have used the word, but he’s willing to atone by his actions and seems sincere–he deserved to be called out, but he didn’t do something that warranted this exhaustive public flogging.

    And TR Knight would be incredibly stupid if he lets this situation define who he is. He’s a good actor and a gay person who has nothing to be ashamed of, and should let those things define him.

    Instead of appearing on talk shows and turning this into a victim/villain name-calling situation, the actors (including Katherine Heigl, who added her two cents) could be starting a dialogue for positive change.

  10. thegr8one

    At first I was really offended by what Isaiah Washington said about T.R. Knight but after the apology and the meeting with GLAAD and the rehab (whatever the hell that is) I mean damn let it go. If anything like this happens again then I agree that he should be fired on the spot, but at this point I’m really getting tired of TR’s bitching and moaning!! I mean damn pull your skirt up!

  11. Philwin

    No. 7 has hit the nail(s) on the head. But anyone who thinks this situation has been “oversensationalized” has been living under a rock and is a very uninformed person. These are actors under contract. The first incident happened on the set where they work.

    The remark made by the “guy in rehab” was made in the workplace, and could have been actionable under federal or state employment laws. In any event, an employer should not tolerate such behavior in the workplace.

    The second incident is even more serious. The “guy in rehab” was representing his show, and thus his employer, at an awards event shown on national television. The fact he chose to repeat the remark totally out of the blue is beyond comprehension. It just proves how hopelessly deranged this fucktard is.

    Rehab???!!! Give me a break. I agree with everyone who wants to know exactly what facility the “guy in rehab” found to treat his warped mind.

    All he did was avoid getting his ass fired, because who is going to fire someone genuinely working on a personal problem? Think it will change him? Uh huh. Right. His network should be ashamed. I seriously hope T.R. Knight stays and keeps doing his job.

  12. Mark

    how can you possible put calling somebody a fag and calling somebody a nigger in the same category? gay people are screwed in the head! it’s not a lifestyle, it’s a mental illness! I’m sick of this politically correct BS.

  13. A friend

    That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all week. I know TR. I just saw him last week, he isn’t leaving the show. Yes, he was hurt by what Isaiah said, no one likes to be called names. But he wasn’t closeted either. I have gone to many a gay club with him before this nonsense ever happened. Just because he didn’t flaunt his love life to the tabloid press doesn’t mean he was in the closet. And he is in no way letting this “define his life”. He is moving on with his life, hanging out with friends and doing his thing.

  14. ultrahip

    Mark, I would really love to see your degree in psychiatry that qualifies you to say that being gay is a mental illness. The fact that you are even replying to, and browsing a website who have editors and staff who are “screwed in the head”, is quite ironic, don’t you think? Oh never mind, you’re probably to narrow-minded to realize it anyway….

  15. GreenEyedAngell

    You know Mark, the people who are the most outspoken against gays are usually the ones trying to supress their own homosexual urges… just something to ponder next time you’re sitting on the crapper.

  16. KittyLiterati

    Still stand by my statement that this is oversensationalized, Philwin, despite your passive-aggressive stabbing (you can use my username to address me–we’re all adults here). I haven’t been living under a rock, or else I wouldn’t be sick of this in the first place. This is the media’s darling, and as far as I’m concerned, the publicity of this is largely based on pushing tabloid copies.

    You’re comparing this sitch to the general practices of most employers, but Hollywood is a horse of a different color. For instance, you could argue that most employers are expected not to hire based on physical discrimination, but Hollywood often chooses roles based on this practice (would they have chosen a white male to play Christina Yang?).

    Hollywood goes by its own rules. If this is just another case of intolerance in the workplace, and he is “under contract,” then he’s obviously still working under the stipulations of said contract or he would’ve been canned already, no?

    All in all, Isaiah was wrong on both counts. But as much as people loathe him for calling TR by that name, it’s just as bad to assume he’s a “warped mind” who’s not willing to geniunely seek to change his attitude.

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