Short Pseudo-Hottie Leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

MSNBC is reporting that T.R. Knight might be blowing that pop stand due to all the “faggot” fuss. Yeah, I said it. Put me in rehab! I seriously want to know what anti-homophobe rehab is like. Do they just show “Philadelphia” and “Another Gay Movie” over and over and hope for the best?

The actor was the subject of a widely-publicized homophobic slur by a cast mate and he “is so upset about the situation and so disgusted by how it was all handled,” that he’s planning to leave the show, says a source.

“He was told not to say anything about the whole incident,” says the insider, referring to an on-set dust up in October when fellow cast member Isaiah Washington referred to Knight, who plays Dr. George O’Malley, with a derogatory word used to describe gay men.

His publicist later said it was untrue. What this bitch needs to do is hang in there. He came across as totally downtrodden puppy dog guy on Ellen and seriously caused some twitching down there for me. Everyone likes a wronged bitch who’s soft-spoken about it. We know he just wants to explore his craft and be left alone with his taller boyfriend and tousled hair. Just don’t make any more dramarama about it and we’ll all be fine. But DEFINITELY bring it up during contract negotiations.

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