Short Guy From “Entourage” On What Dating Nicky Hilton Was Like


See, I always thought she was the less odious one. She’s into the shrimpy dudes, though, huh? I’m 5’8, maybe I can score! If I was say, straight, and rich, and out my damn mind. Kevin Connolly from “Entourage” discussed Nicky and whether he’s dating Hilary Duff’s older sister Haylie.

What was it like going out with Nicky Hilton?

Kevin: “It was a pretty normal relationship. I mean, look, there’s a public end of it that can be annoying because people are in your business and that can be a pain in the ass, but that’s just kind of the territory.”

Time Out: Are you single now?

Kevin: “Yes, I am–contrary to what people may think, I really am single.”

Time Out: Is Haylie Duff going to be on your arm [at the premiere of your film, Gardener of Eden]?

Kevin: “No!…Haylie and I are really good friends. But I’m declaring myself single.”

Haylie’s much too busy plotting her sister’s “accidental” death to have time to date you, Shawty. You know every day is a seething cauldron of jealousy for her ass. It’s all green, green, green!

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