Shopping Celeb Styles

With the lines between the various forms of multi-media blurring more and more every day, shopping and TV have melded in new ways besides just your traditional infomercial, giving the term, “As Seen on TV,” a new meaning. StarStyle brings you the 411 on how to get the goods that you see on your favorite shows. From shows like “Weeds” to “Brothers and Sisters,” the site offers viewers the opportunity to purchase clothes worn by their favorite television stars.

Currently, you can buy Mary J. Blige’s boots she wore in her We Ride (I See the Future) video. They are even autographed. The Dolce and Gabbana dress worn by Rachel Griffith’s character, Sara Whedon, from “Brothers and Sisters,” can be yours for $995. Soap stars’ closets are even open for shopping. The Gabrielle Rocha heels that are identical to Katie’s on “As the World Turns” have been found for you and are just a click away. You can easily shop the brands and find the outfits or gadgets by searching categories either by TV show or brand. The site also has auctions straight from the stars and TV sets.