Shocking Britney Spears Voicemail, ‘My Dad Has Threatened Me!’

March 30th, 2009 // 10 Comments

Oh dear. A voicemail message that Britney Spears reportedly sent to a lawyer in January, asking for help to remove the conservatorship she is under. She’s saying some pretty serious things in the voicemail. We’ve learned about Jamie Spears‘ strong armed tactics of late.

The real question is, is this voicemail for real? Is it really her on the tape? Sound off in the comments.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kels

    Sounds nothing like her. Plus, she wouldn’t settle for leaving a voice mail. She would have someone’s ass on the phone, fo sho.

  2. D-L

    Sounds just like “Octu-Mom” Nadya Suleman – NOT Britney at all!!!!

  3. menocu

    I agree, def not brit brit.

  4. Giddy

    Does anyone know what song she performs for this? I am loving this outfit, lol!

    Seriously doubting that’s actually her, as well. There was an MTV special on her in recent history and she didn’t sound quite that vapid.

  5. Lightbulb

    not her.

  6. Sarah

    Whether it’s her or not is unclear, but how is threatening to take her kids away from her a scary thing? It seems she’s improved, but have we forgotten what she did to earn this conservatorship in the first place?? The man evidently knows what’s best.

  7. Jacq

    NOT her voice. The first poster was right, for what Britney pays, she probably isn’t leaving too many voicemails anywhere…

  8. Jajnilof

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