Shocking And Devasting Information Could Ruin Lindsay Lohan

The misfortunes of drama queen, Lindsay Lohan, continue. TMZ is now reporting that an L.A. County Probation Department report on Lindsay contains information that is both “shocking” and “devasting” against Lindsay. This girl just can’t catch a break.

Lohan is said to be uninterested in a plea deal, and may try to sue Kamofi & Co for releasing the surveillance tape. If she refuses the plea deal, then the battle will continue in trial and we may just find out for ourselves what could be more “shocking” and “devasting” then Lindsay’s previous scandals.

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If Lohan accepts Judge Keith Schwartz’ proposed sentence, she will face 3 months of jail time. If she continues to fight, and lose, she faces a felony charge of grand theft and a maximum 1-year jail sentence.

Despite the troubles, Lohan has appeared rather unscathed in the public eye. Seen leaving a hair salon with sister, Ali, in Beverly Hills on March 10, Lohan’s cheerful demeanor suggests she is either oblivious to the severity of the charges she faces, or she is trying to enjoy the time she has before moving back into Lynwood’s resort for the rich and troubled. Girl has got to look good before she checks back into her second home.