Shirtless Robert Pattinson Free Of Dots On ‘New Moon’ Set

Check it, kids. Some shirtless photos of Robert Pattinson filming New Moon scenes in Italy, completely unspoiled by the appearance of some pesky dots, courtesy of ROBsessed.

And now that he’s an international heartthrob, it’s hard to believe that director Catherine Hardwicke initially faced criticism for casting RPattz in the role of Edward Cullen.

She told MTV News that after a number of male models read for the role, something struck her about Edward. Hardwicke explains, “Robert hast that soul and that depth and that passion and he’s a very interesting person–just in his heart and soul.” Click the continue reading link below to check out the video interview.

For those of you who agree, you can vote for Twilight to win big tomorrow at the MTV Movie Awards here!

Gallery Info: Photos of a dotless, shirtless Robert Pattinson on New Moon set.