Shirtless Levi Johnston Shows Off His Baby Tripp In GQ

For a photospread for GQ, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy Levi Johnston posed shirtless in his Alaskan splendor with son Tripp

The article notes that in the past year, Levi went through the following:
(a) having dad leave home;
(b) seeing mom get arrested and face incarceration, in national news;
(c) watching own son be born, with Sarah Palin also in room;
(d) dropping out of high school and taking electrician job;
(e) losing fiancée, son, job for reasons that mystify him and may be political;
(f) becoming instantaneously megafamous–Antichrist to home, slab of sweet Arctic man-beef to others–but either way finding self at center of momentous events with zero comprehension or aid after having left home to go on sheep hunt.

The interview had him talking hunting, snow machining and well, not all that much else. Really, it’s the shirtless stuff you’re gonna want to focus on.

Gallery Info: Levi Johnston
and his son Tripp.