Shirtless Ashton Kutcher Works His Newly Waxed Chest

Fresh from a chest waxing session, Ashton Kutcher took to the set of his new film The Five Killers. The actor revealed his toned body in a pair of black swimming trunks.

Kutcher filmed scenes for the the action comedy The Five Killers on the super yacht Nomad which is anchored in Nice harbor. He stars alongside Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl.

Ashton will play a former hitman in the movie about a couple who realize their neighbors are assassins with orders to kill them.

I’ll a take shirtless Ashton Kutcher any day. See if you can spot which photos are of Ashton, and which photos are of his stunt double who he had to wax his chest for.

Gallery Info: Ashton Kutcher shirtless while filming scenes for the movie The Five Killers.