Shirtless Zac Efron Gets Wild On ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’, Rappels Down Giant Cliff

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Zac Efron gone wild!

Zac Efron should do everything shirtless because this is how he looks best.  I don’t understand why he would even bother wearing clothes at this point.

It seems like he’s very into the outdoorsy activities lately.  First we brought you Zefron shirtless on horseback.  Now we have him topless and rappelling down a dangerous cliff!  This is all for the new series Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which takes celebrities into wild locations for a two day journey.  

In the premiere Zac joins Bear on a dangerous excursion down a steep cliff.  I really have no idea who this Bear Grylls guy is, but anyone who makes Zefron take off his shirt automatically has me as a fan!

In the two minute long clip of the show, Bear seems pretty cray.  In order to commit Zac to getting down the cliff he hurls their back-packs over the side and into the water!  Zac does not look to thrilled by this and who could blame him?! I would be running the other way if that was me!

Zac straps up and starts to rapple down the cliff, and looks like he’s having a great time.  We see them get half-way down before the clip ends.  Obviously you’ll have to watch the premiere to see if Zac gets to the bottom.  We have faith in him though because with that body, he can pretty much do anything!

When asked about the experience Zac said he had always been a “fan of Bear’s adventures”. They even “inspired a lot of trips he took with his father when he was young.”  That is so adorable!

Zac’s not the only hottie who will brave the great outdoors.  Channing Tatum will also star in an episode of the show which premieres July 28th on NBC.

Watch the video of topless Zac and let us know if you’ll be watching him get wild!

By Candice Brock

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