Shirtless Tom Daley Is Here To Brighten Up Your Wednesday

Tom Daley is Santa
A sexy Santa that is.
I’m just gonna go ahead and start this post off with “You’re welcome,” because I assume you’re thanking me right now for bringing shirtless Tom Daley to your attention. And if you’re not thanking me, that’s cool too.

Tom was showing off his mad skills earlier today at the British Diving Press Conference. Yes, that’s a thing. Basically Tom posed for pictures, smiled, took his shirt off and dived. No wait, dove.

And it was glorious. 

Too bad that Tom’s boyfriend Dustin Lance Black wasn’t around. Those two are freaking adorable together. Actually, it’s very possible that Dustin was hanging out behind the scenes and we’ll see photos of them hanging out later. This will be wish for this evening.

But until we get that, launch the gallery to get your daily dose of handsome, shirtless man. Is your Wednesday better yet?