Shirtless Tom Daley Dives Like A Pro At The London Diving World Series

Tom Daley is Santa
A sexy Santa that is.
I always think it’s important to start off our Monday morning with a super hot, shirtless guy. So really, who better than Tom Daley?

The very sexy olympian hit the water this weekend to compete in the London diving World Series. While Tom very sadly only took fifth place in diving, we’re gonna give him first place for overall hotness and ab-tasticness. Honestly, I think those are even better awards to win.

Although Tom managed a smile after the competition, he did seem a bit crushed. 

Or maybe that’s just the fact that he’s terrified of his back two-and-a-half somersault, two-and-a-half twists from the pike position dive. He told BBC Sports, “I’m literally terrified of it. I’m going to see a therapist about it again, because it’s almost become a bit of a phobia.” Don’t worry Tom, I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Following the diving, Tom went out with boyfriend Dustin Lance Black. They are pretty adorable together indeed. But now it’s time to ogle at some shirtless Daley. Launch the gallery to check all the photos out for yourself. Hotness all around.