Shirtless Stephen Amell & His Adorable Daughter Are Clearly Enjoying Their Vacation

Stephen Amell On Arrow
Our hero has been injured!
Stephen Amell & His Wife
The couple are spotted at the airport in Vancouver.
Stephen Amell In 'Arrow'
Actor Stephen Amell is featured shirtless on 'Arrow.'
We all need to take a second and send a thank you letter to Stephen Amell for joining Instagram this weekend and posting the above photo.

The Arrow star is currently enjoying a holiday in Hawaii with his family, which prompted the posting of the shirtless picture. And what makes a shirtless picture even better? An adorable baby wearing sunglasses.

But this wasn’t even the best think that Stephen posted to Instagram. 

I am a little bit obsessed with this Instagram video. I wanna listen to the ocean all day.

Now if he would have just been more shirtless in the video, then everything would have been magical. Still, until Arrow returns on January 15, then this is just enough to hold us over.

Make sure to follow Stephen on Instagram @amelladventures, where he will hopefully post more shirtless pics. Happy Monday, Earth!

UPDATE: Earlier this post said “Stephen Amell’s son” because apparently I cannot tell the difference between tiny babies and didn’t look hard enough. Thanks to those who pointed it out!