Shirtless Shemar Moore Makes His Summer Debut [PHOTOS]

Shemar's Six-Pack
Ellen DeGeneres is treated to Shemar Moore's six pack.
Well there you are Shemar Moore! We haven’t seen your shirtless physique since May and we were starting to get a little worried. The Criminal Minds actor was spotted at Miami Beach enjoying the sun and the ocean, while we enjoy his hot bod.

Shemar isn’t one to shy away from the paparazzi cameras, and we really appreciate that. In fact, he’s the type of guy who will smile, wave and flex just to make his fans happy. See, now that’s what you call a selfless celebrity. Willing to flaunt his body for our enjoyment.

Launch the gallery to check out all the hot, shirtless photos. I wish he showed off his back more. As sexy as a perfect six-pack is there’s something super sexy and manly about a hot back. Anybody with me on this?