Shirtless River Viiperi Looking Good In Miami, Gets Cuddly With Paris Hilton [PHOTOS]

Paris Hilton must be doing something right if she gets to hang out with River Viiperi’s body all day.

The couple was spotted in Miami today getting cuddly in the Miami heat. We’ll focus on Paris’ interesting swimsuit in a second, but first let’s all take a moment and enjoy River’s shirtless physique. The man clearly knows how to work it. Too bad his Halloween costumes didn’t feature more shirtless-ness.

Now, Paris, interesting swimsuit. Is it actually swimsuit material? Cause it looks like something you’d see on some woman who enjoys wearing knit swimsuits while lounging. Although I do appreciate the fact that Paris isn’t wearing some totally gross bikini. Now, back to River’s body. 

See? I totally know what you guys wanna talk about. I’m still not sure how I feel about his face. I mean, it’s handsome, but a little boyish. Also, very serious question here: what do you think River and Paris talk about? This is something I genuinely wonder about with a lot of celebrity couples. Like, what?

Launch the gallery to appreciate all the shirtless glory River has to offer. Paris, you is one lucky lady. What do you think of the model’s physique? And really, what do you think they talk about? Sound off in the comments!