Shirtless Rafael Nadal Enjoys A Yachting Vacation In Ibiza

July 8th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

You know what sounds awesome? Hanging out in Ibiza with a hot, shirtless tennis player.

Lucky for us, we can pretend we were doing that today by staring at these photo of Rafael Nadal. The tennis superstar was spotted in the Spanish town today, enjoying a dip in the water with a bunch of his friends. You know for a guy who wears t-shirts in the sun all the time, Rafael doesn’t have an awful farmer’s tan.

But he does look a little bit sad. 

It’s probably because he lost to Nick Kyrgios in the fourth round of Wimbledon. It’s OK Rafael, we still love you. And so do all of the celebrities that came out to Wimbledon to watch.

And right now Rafael, we’re gonna watch you. I quite like his abs. Not too crazy, but not flabby. Bravo, Rafael. Launch the gallery to enjoy all the photos yourself. Maybe if I stare hard enough, I’ll leave this office and end up in Ibiza. Maybe.

By Sabba Rahbar

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