Shirtless Patrick Schwarzenegger Enjoys A Poolside Vacation In Miami

Patrick Works It Out
Patrick Schwarzenegger shows us how he works out.
Was your day lacking some young, shirtless man blood? Well them maybe Patrick Schwarzenegger can be of service.

The actor and famous off-spring was spotted in Miami today, getting into the spring break spirit with his friends by the pool. Guys, how nice does a warm pool-side with all you can drink pina-coladas sound right now? Don’t judge me, I like my frozen candy drinks.

Patrick has been keeping a fairly low profile recently, but he always seems down to party. 

I mean, why else would he post this:

You know he’s looking for some young, hot folks to party with. And I appreciate that. I also appreciate that his Twitter feed is filled with promotions for his dad’s new movie, Sabotage, which comes out today. How sweet.

So I guess if you wanna support the Schwarzenegger family, party with Patrick in Miami and check out Arnold on screen. But first, launch the gallery for some shirtless man action. It’s the best kind.