Shirtless Michael Phelps Wins His Final Gold Medal, World Rejoices [PHOTOS]

Anybody care to join me in giving Michael Phelps a virtual congratulatory hug?

The swimmer, who recently made headlines as the most decorated Olympian in history, had another fabulous day yesterday when he, Matthew Grevers, Brendan Hansen, and Nathan Adrian took gold in the Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay. Or as I like to call it, the parade of sexy.

Michael wowed with his amazing butterfly stroke, helping the team make their way to victory early in the race. You gotta love swimmers. So what’s Phelps going to do now that he’s won his last gold medal and retired?

He’s going to Disneyland! Actually, that can neither be confirmed nor denied. But I mean, who wouldn’t want to go. Michael answered plenty of questions on his first day of retirement, especially about what he’s going to do now that he’s done racing. It mostly comes down to “golf, travel and sleeping late.”

Hey Michael, need a napping companion? Cause I’m totally here for you if you do. All in all sir, we over at SOCIALITE LIFE are very proud of you. Now, do us a favor and remember to show off that hot bod every once in awhile.

Check out all the photos of Michael’s hot bod, as well as those of his teammates, in the gallery and tell us how much you love the most famous Olympian of all time.

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