Shirtless Matt Smith & Pensive Ryan Gosling Give A New Meaning To Hot On The Set Of ‘How To Catch A Monster’

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You know it’s a good day when you’ve got shirtless Matt Smith shooting with Ryan Gosling. Thank you paparazzi gods. Thank you.

We spotted the Doctor Who star showing off his shirtless bod and shaved head yesterday on the set of his new movie, and now we’ve got even more! And this time he’s even more shirtless. Oh, AND! This time he’s hanging with Ryan Gosling.

Ryan has taken up the directing title for the new flick, How To Catch A Monster, and we are beyond stoked. While we’re not sure of Matt’s exact role in the film, we do know he had to cut his luscious locks and scream profanities at the camera. Check out Daily Mail for a video of that. 

So, have we all been able to fully process shaved Matt? It was hard at first, but I think I’m getting used to it. Plus the distraction of his shirtless torso is really helping. Thank goodness Ryan hasn’t shaved his head, too. That might actually be too much to handle.

And now, launch the gallery to appreciate all the photos of shirtless Matt hanging out with Ryan. Do you think they’ll get a bromance going? Oh. Em. Gee. Imagine a Ryan/Matt bromance! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the corner getting overly excited about this possibility.