Shirtless Marlon Wayans Gets Cozy With Mystery Bikini Babe [PHOTOS]

Marlon Wayans was pampered with PDA on a yacht by a woman who was not his baby’s momma.

According to Daily Mail, Wayans had reportedly said him and his children’s mother, Angelica Zackary,  lived separately “Because when you live together that’s when the sweat pants and the cream on the face comes out and it kind of says you’re not going to get some.”

Well sir, clearly you are getting some with someone who doesn’t even wear pants much less sweat pants.

The Haunted House star was seen with this younger attractive woman on March 4, 2013 enjoying the waters of St. Barts. He tweeted: “Balling hard in my solitude of peace… Whatever that means”. Yes, we’re wondering the same thing.

Where were Zackary and the kids, funny man? Obviously not enjoying the waves while he was busy getting massaged and slobbered on.

Launch the gallery to see Marlon getting wet n’ frisky and to see his mystery girl perhaps pulling a wedgie or two.