Shirtless Mark Wahlberg On ‘Sports Illustrated’

A shirtless Mark Wahlberg and co-star Christian Bale appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated to talk about their movie The Fighter. Both were nominated for their roles earlier today when the Golden Globes were announced!

And just because I know you so well, there are a few more shirtless pics of Mark over the years! You’re welcome! After the jump, you can read what he had to say about getting into shape for the role!

“As somebody who always dreamed of being a professional athlete, to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated is an amazing accomplishment,” he says.

Mark spent nearly a year preparing for his role, adding, “There are many, many boxing movies, and I love most of them. But I knew that the thing that would set us apart was if the fights looked more real, and I looked more like a boxer than anyone else who’s done it in the past…I spent more money paying my trainers and having them travel with me than I got paid, by a good half a million dollars.”

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