Shirtless Man Alert: Mark Wahlberg Hanging Out In Miami [PHOTOS]

Congrats Mark & Mila!
The duo gets married! On set, of course.
Well hello there Marky Mark! Everybody’s favorite rapper gone legitimately amazing actor, Mark Wahlberg, was spotted enjoying the Miami sun on his balcony. Mark is currently in Miami filming Pain & Gain. Umm, sure. That sounds like fun. 

I’m really digging the whole white pants thing he’s got going. It’s kinda weird seeing him with no tattoos. Guess he was super serious about lasering them all off. Also, my god is he buff. Like, obviously I knew he is, but his biceps just seem super huge this time around. Anybody else think so?

Check out all the photos of shirtless Mark in the gallery. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I mean, how could you be? It’s Marky Mark, he’s buff, he’s shirtless, he’s waving to fans–it’s a win-win for everyone!