Shirtless Man Alert! Bradley Cooper Shows Off His Hot Body In Brazil

Stop! Stop what you’re doing and appreciate the glory that is “shirtless Bradley Cooper.”

Man, this is better than “getting his hair permed Bradley Cooper.” Who knew you could beat that? The star of The Hangover Part III is currently in Rio de Janeiro where he and the rest of the cast are plugging the new movie.

Also, when do you think this man sleeps? Wasn’t he just in London sporting a ponytail and hanging out with Michael Fassbender? Too bad the two of them weren’t being shirtless together. That would have been fun for everyone. 

I love that Bradley is taking pictures outside of his window. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was taking some selfies. But he’s Bradley Cooper. He’s too good for selfies. And his camera is facing the other way.

So is this the highlight of your day or Bradley and Michael hugging it out? Oh my, it’s like Sophie’s Choice! How does one choose?! Launch the gallery to check out all the shirtless Bradley photos and tell us which one you prefer in the comments!