Shirtless Kris Humphries Livin’ It Up In Miami [PHOTOS]

Kris Humphries Shirtless
Kris shows his pecs off in GQ magazine.
With the hot sun blazing overhead, a bunch of 20-somethings danced around in fluorescent bikinis, while NFL athletes and friends chatting amongst each other in Miam.   Kris Humphries wouldn’t miss such opportunity.

With the divorce battle under siege with ex- Kim Kardashian, and drama surrounding last week’s Beecher’s Madhouse party interruption, Humphries spent Sunday with his friends leaving behind the drama in L.A.

The Brooklyn Net mixed in well with the social scene, unlike last Wednesdays debacle with Kelly Osbourne, the creative director of nightclub.  Osbourne took the liberty to preserve her friendship with the Keeping Up With The Kardsahians star and kicked out the basketball athlete. Humphries quipped back on these allegations on his twitter stating that the whole situation was fabricated by reporters.”I never usually address garbage, but don’t people think that saying I got kicked out of somewhere, when I was literally the last person to leave is a pretty stupid thing to lie about? Do people ever think that they will lose credibility when hundreds of people know what they are writing isn’t true?”

The 27-year old exposed his white Calvin Klein briefs under his khaki knee length shorts at the gathering.Launch the gallery to see shirtless Humphries flaunt his athletic bod!