Shirtless Joey Lawrence Gets Ready To Bare It All For Chippendales [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Joey Lawrence
The former teen heartthrob working on his fitness.
If you guys were wondering what Joey Lawrence looks like in a Chippendales outfit, here you are! The Melissa & Joey star was getting prepped on the red carpet to strip all his cares away as the guest host for Chippendales. And he’s gonna sing. Yes!

Joey has made quite the comeback. After being one of the hottest 90s heartthrobs, he kind of laid low for awhile, but now he’s back and oh my lord so are his rippling abs and biceps.

Check out all the photos of Joey & his Chippendales costume in the gallery. Any of you making it out to watch him host? If you are, please report back and tell us how it is! I mean, how could a Lawrence brother singing and stripping be bad, right?