Shirtless Joel Edgerton Enjoys A Trip To The Beach In Australia

Joel at Bondi Beach
Joel Edgerton sure does seem to love Bondi Beach.
Did you need some shirtless man in your life? Well please allow Joel Edgerton to fill that void for you.

The Australian actor was spotted at Bondi Beach today, enjoying some time in the sun and the water. Joel seemed to keep mostly to himself, but did flash a few smiles to passersby. Also, is that his underwear peaking out of his suit? Oh Joel.

So, can we talk about the fact that Joel was actually in the Star Wars prequels? 

That is something I always forget, but there he was, playing young Owen Lars. The thing I like about Joel is that he has the ability to kind of disappear into whatever role he’s playing. In pretty much every movie I see him in, I’m always shocked it was him when I see his name in the credits.

That takes some skill. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Joel on the beach. Thoughts on his bod? I mean, I’ve seen it better, but it ain’t bad.