Shirtless Joe Manganiello Shows Off Ridiculous Body In Miami [PHOTOS]

'Magic Mike' Red Band
Check out the raunchy trailer for the new film!
Let’s all say it together: oh my Zeus! True Blood star–and man who just stole my heart–Joe Manganiello was spotted in Miami this weekend looking like the sexiest piece of man around. Honestly, look at those muscles!

Joe is currently in town promoting his latest flick, Magic Mike. Hmm, talk about a movie with hot shirtless men and an absurd amount of muscles. Do you think it’s in Joe’s contract that he has to appear shirtless in everything he’s in? Magic Mike, True Blood, our love story, he’s shirtless in all of them!

Launch the gallery to appreciate the full glory of it. So here’s the plan for all of our Miami readers: get yourself down to the beach and people watch until Joe shows up, take lots of photos, express your love and tell us all about it! Got it? Go!