Shirtless Joe Manganiello Shows Off His Rock Hard Body As People Magazine’s Hottest No Longer Bachelor

Joe Sans Beard
Joe Manganiello decided to shave off his famous beard.
Remember when People magazine named Joe Manganiello their hottest bachelor? The world cheered, Joe showed off his body, everything felt right.

Well, now it seems that Joe is no longer a bachelor, but it’s OK because People just released a bunch more photos of shirtless Joe showing off his perfect body. The photos, taken by photographer Nino Munoz, have Joe in the water, in the sand and even in a bed.

Sadly, it’s not my bed, but we’ll let that go for now. 

Also, did you see the video of him doing a stripper body roll on Conan? I’d like you to look at these photos, then watch the video again and pretend perfectly buff and shirtless Joe is doing it.

And he said that men couldn’t be objectified. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the sexy actor. Who knew that your Friday could get this much better?