Shirtless Hunter Parrish Photos [Just Because]

Oh how I love my gratuitous Hunter Parrish shirtless moments on Weeds. Launch the gallery to check out the latest photos of Hunter shirtless.

Hunter recently spoke with BuzzSugar and here are a few highlights from the interview:

Will this be the last season of Weeds? They say that every year! We’re always rumored to end, and the truth is, I always prepare like we are because we never know. I have no idea, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t really read the scripts until a couple of days before we start that episode. And I specifically tell them not to tell me stuff that’s going to happen. So I don’t really know how we end. I hope, I hope that we don’t just get canceled and that we actually have an end to it. Because I think people have invested themselves so much into these characters. Regardless of the TV show, these characters have their own little fan bases. And I think it would be a disservice to not have closure for that.

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On always being shirtless on the show. I keep asking them about that! I’m pretty much shirtless in every episode, but none of those include a sex scene or any sort of love scene. So I’m not quite sure that’s coming up or if I should expect that. But so far there is no love for Silas.

Our favorite Hunter moment this season has to be this clip from Weeds with Silas taking a modeling gig in New York in his underwear. Watch the clip…