Shirtless Hugh Jackman Shows Off His Perfectly Buff Bod On Bondi Beach

15 Hugh Jackman GIFS
Why Hugh is the perfect person to play Wolverine.
9I think we should send Hugh Jackman a thank you note every time he decides to frolic on the beach shirtless.

Also, if only he was actually frolicking, this would go from “great shirtless gallery” to “greatest shirtless gallery.” The actor was spotted arriving with his family in Australia yesterday, only to immediately rip of his shirt and go swimming on Bondi Beach. Bondi beach sounds like an amazing place. Can someone take me there?

Too bad that Hugh won’t be shirtless as he hosts Christmas In Washington. 

Because when you think incredibly buff man who plays Wolverine, you immediately think feel good family night about Christmas. Personally, I immediately think of this. I’ll definitely tune in because any excuse to hear Hugh sing and dance is a real treat. Can we crown him the world’s most multi-talented celebrity yet? It’s basically him and Neil Patrick Harris, all alone in their multi-talented world.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of shirtless Hugh. It’s just one beautiful ab shot after another. And if you can’t tell, we know a thing or two about abs in this place.