Shirtless Eric Bana Is Here For Your Thursday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Eric Bana's Package
It seems pretty impressive.
So, from what I’ve gathered this year, all shirtless action this holiday season has been going on in Australia.

The latest hottie to show off his bod was Eric Bana, who was spotted down under today teaching his daughter how to paddle board. While that’s really adorable, I’m more focused on the shirtlessness that is happening. I’ve got priorities people.

I don’t know why it’s not a rule that Eric Bana should be shirtless in all his movies. Remember Troy? Sure, it wasn’t an amazing movie. 

But it had shirtless Eric AND shirtless Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt. Wait, that’s like the best movie ever. What the hell am I talking about? Also, his daughter Sophia is really cute. Oh! And did you know his son his named Klaus? Klaus Bana has an awesome life ahead of him.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Eric and Sophia paddle boarding in Australia. Did his shirtless bod give you a jolt of energy on this Thursday afternoon? I sure hope so!