Shirtless English Football Stud Steven Gerrard Shows Off His Amazing Abs In Ibiza

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While some might be sad that England didn’t fair too well in the World Cup, I for one am very excited because it means that we get to stare at shirtless English football player Steven Gerrard today. (But really England, sorry for your loss.)

The football star did what anyone would do after a crushing defeat: drowned in sorrows with a relaxing vacation in Ibiza.

I mean, isn’t that what you guys do when your team doesn’t advance? 

I think we all need to take a second and appreciate Steven’s body. Oh my god, those abs, that build, that pretty face–I’m really into all of it. Not to sound crazy, but so far my favorite part of the World Cup has been finding all these new sports stars to ogle at.

So launch the gallery and ogle away at Steven! This is turning out to be quite a shirtless Wednesday and I am loving it.