Shirtless David Beckham Playing With His Kids Makes Us Very, Very Happy

David Beckham's Undies
David Beckham unveils new underwear ads.
Ladies, gentlemen, please enjoy shirtless David Beckham spending a day at the beach with his boys.

I cannot even tell you how much joy these photos are bringing me right now. I mean it’s a super hot shirtless dude and adorable celebrity kids–two of my favorite things!!!

David was the picture perfect dad today, boogie boarding, taking pictures, rolling in the sand–it’s kind of the best day ever. Almost as good as Harper playing with David at the a Dodger’s game. Guys, I don’t even like the beach and I want to hang with them. 

How cool would it have been if they’d gotten Harper to come along for some beach fun? Oh my god, Harper in a tiny bikini? I can’t. That’s like too much baby cuteness for me handle right now. Looks like I’ll just have to stick with Beckham and the boys.

Launch the gallery to check out all the super cute photos. Are they making your Thursday night, too? Because they have for sure made mine. Now, if we could just get Victoria Beckham to the beach too that’d be awesome.