Shirtless David Beckham Looking Good At LA Galaxy Game [PHOTOS]

David Beckham's Prank
Beckham pulls a fast one on Target customers.
The fates must be smiling on us today if they’ve seen fit to bring us shirtless David Beckham.

The sexy footballer–or soccer star, since we’re in America–decided to give the folks at home and in the stadium a little shirtless action as the LA Galaxy played the Vancouver Whitecaps. Obviously, the Galaxy destroyed 3-0, so maybe this was David’s celebratory look.

David has been super family orientated of late. Not that he always isn’t, but with recent trips to the L.A. Kings game with his sons and a lovely family outing to Disneyland, it’s no wonder he’s one of the hottest dad’s around. What must it be like to have David Beckham as your dad? Do you think as the boys get older all of their girlfriends are going to wish they had papa Beckham instead? Look at those abs! Don’t you want him?

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