Shirtless David Beckham Heads To The Beach, Is Cute As He Enjoys A Dodgers Game With His Sons

August 1st, 2014 // Leave a Comment

For some reason as soon as I saw these photos of shirtless David Beckham, Mr. Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” popped into my head.

Because you guys, any day with shirtless Beckham is “a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” The sports legend enjoyed a beach visit in Los Angeles yesterday alongside his model son Brooklyn and some of his friends.

I don’t mean model Brooklyn in the sense of perfect, I mean he’s actually a model now. Well, he is pretty perfect, too. 

After the beach, David and his boys were off to a Dodgers game where there was obviously some father son cuteness. I love how affection Cruz is with his dad (he’s the one leaning on him above). So Brooklyn is the one who does Soul Cycling with him, and I have yet to figure out Romeo. But I will.

Clearly that’ll take too long to do right now, so instead launch the gallery for some shirtless Beckham juxtaposed with some cute Beckham. I know I say other families are my favorite, but it’s a lie. The Beckhams are 100% the best.

By Sabba Rahbar

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